Battal Shipping has an insured fleet equipped with modern navigational equipment which safely and efficiently provides support services to vessels calling at Turkish straits and ports.

Battal Shipping offers its customers launch boat services at the main ports and terminals, with the objective of transporting passengers, crew, pilots, authorities or any other users. This service also allows for the transfer of material goods , as well as performing specific tasks related to the vessel.


  • Embarking  and disembarking of pilots, authorities, crew and passengers.
  • Anchorage maneuvers support.
  • Support in berthing, mooring and unmooring maneuvers.
  • Assitance in the connection of pipelines in oil, gas, and acid terminals.
  • Services in maritime surveillance for terminals.
  • Support for offshore repair work, and diving teams.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of naval artifacts, buoys and beacons.
  • Transfer of smaller cargo and supplies to vessel.
  • Support in controlling sea contamination.